2019 New Year policy Monday, January 7, 2019

ThinkUp Inc.

I ’m Yamashita, co-founder and planning director. ThinkUp has also entered its second year. This year is going to be a year in which various things that I worked on last year (written on Christmas cards) will be made concretely visible.

The first online shop was opened at the beginning of work yesterday.
And one sold quickly in the middle of the night. That is the first business. It ’s a good start. Let’s make a bullet for each project below.

  1. We will be in charge of managing public relations skills improvement seminars for school public relations social media utilization study groups as well as last year. Did. The 7th GKB Education Conference will be held in summer.
  2. We are conducting coverage on the theme of globalization of university management. I had a Brest meeting and found some interesting candidates. Apart from the GKB book “Let’s talk about education in the future” series that we have dealt with, we will make a book jointly with an American HR farm. I think it would be nice to have a Japanese-US translation.
  3. Next, if you carry it well, you will be able to help a large international conference. This will allow us to upgrade our company’s activities further and bring us closer to the dream of a small university. To establish a university, we believe that the key is to acquire trust and achievements, and to meet people with great aspirations and financial strength. (* I realized in Tosa-cho that it is softer to express “will” as “thinking”)
  4. Last year, President Kurihara and Managing Director (I) gave a presentation on statistics at different academic societies. The contents are related to the core of the university. This year, it will be important to be able to make this paper more specific. Preliminary papers-presentations-papers take half a year, but I would like to create opportunities and challenge.
    There was a step forward in Bayesian statistics and its application, machine learning and AI. You will be able to sell introductory online materials and will begin to sell to universities immediately. In addition, the text mining work that received a job order last year and produced a monthly report will be in the second year. Our scraping skills have also improved. The project for the “A Certain Professional Association” seems to expand further. In the future, I think it will be useful in various fields as our technical capabilities. I especially like the education field, which is my home field so far, but there are many rivals, so I would like to compete with ideas that make use of gaps. (IR and information disclosure?) I am hoping to show a model for enhancing and utilizing university portraits that I have spoken every time before starting a business.
  5. This is also a collaboration with Bayesian Research Institute Co., Ltd., a new company of Professor Emeritus Nozomi Matsubara, a Bayesian statistician and advisor to our company. We are consulting on a project to convert the teacher’s enormous books and online activities into owned media. It matches the concept (= urgent need to archive the work of many prominent scholars in Japan) when planning a Bayesian statistics lecture at School 3 years ago. This is also a job from where funds are collected.
  6. In conjunction with this, we would like to make recommendations regarding statistical education at the primary and secondary education levels. I hope to find a collaborative researcher by March.
  7. We are also planning to expand Public Relations education into the project of Satoshi Inoue, who attended last year’s conference. I will also consider this from the study session. Collaborate mainly with junior high and high school teachers.
  8. Public relations such as the press release written at the beginning, which is our sales menu as SMART Public Relations®, but this is the foundation of our company, so we will focus further . The goal is to provide public relations support for several universities. It is the essence of SMART Public Relations® to provide total support as much as possible, not only partially, so I can’t handle the number, but I will do my best.
  9. We will also operate the NPO Manabiba’s English Village Camp, which has accumulated know-how in the four sessions so far and has been able to steadily secure participants. A flyer has already been completed.
  10. We will hold a study group to make a professional university, a new university category that will open in April 2019, succeed. We will explore possibilities and attractions of this university.
    At the beginning of the year, I tried writing yesterday’s Brain storming. I forgot to write a few, but I will correct them later. Although there are still few achievements and lack of financial power, we will make a big leap this year with the help of everyone. Thank you for your cooperation.


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