About Us (English)

After leaving school public relations work for 20 years, We started ThinkUp Inc. on December 7, 2017. It is a company that proposes and implements new education through public relations. Naoto Kurihara (CEO) and Kenichi Yamashita (Senior Managing Director) are running as co-founders.

What is SMART PR ?

We are proposing a new PR style using SMART PR ® press release, WEB and social media. (SMART PR is registered as a trademark) This is a method of applying PR to perform effective PR based on data. In short, SMART PR is a clever PR method that emphasizes the use of data science and the creation of organizational communication (relationships).

SMART includes various meanings in addition to being smart (SOCIALMEDIA + ARTISTIC + TECHNOLOGY, or Science + Mathmatics + Art + Technology).

From here, we will take a step toward AI (ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE) PR.

Origin of company name

It comes from expressing the style of creating (project) teams across companies and organizations, sharing wisdom through dialogue methods and solving problems, as “ThinkUp”. We have had many experiences where the answers come down, gathered together by thinking through problems that seem almost impossible. We value dialogue and the experience of Aha! And Eureka!

Think Up Inc.
Company location 4-12-45 Higashihara, Zama City, Kanagawa Prefecture 252-0004
TEL 046-216-8996
FAX 045-330-5552
Company homepage https://think-up.jp/
Contact email address thinkupltd@gmail.com